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Half Day
About 5 hours

Tour Description

Learn how to cook typical Italian food!

Did you know that Mediterranean Diet has its background in Amalfi Coast territory? Fresh Mozzarella cheese, olive oil, beans, tomatoes and vegetables: in a few easy steps, we will teach you how to cook simple and tasty dishes from traditional Italian recipes with traditional products.

The course will be taken in a typical Italian environment, where Maria, a vigilant cooker, will work with you with wise love and passion, enjoying a glass of wine and eating what you are going to cook: homemade pasta, typical pasta sauces, meat dishes, seasonal vegetables side dishes and many others recipes typical of Southern Italy.

Eating well means living well and this is the philosophy we try to convey during the course. At the same time you can practice the Italian language and learn the idioms and expressions of the Southern dialect!

It’s a really fantastic experience because you will be involved into the Real Italian Lifestyle, the Southern Style.

During the cooking course it would be possible to visit the ancient vineyards and the underground cellars where the precious wine of the Amalfi Coast is produced.


Taking part in this cooking class, you will be enjoying the perfumes, the smells, the taste of the variety of products of the real Italian kitchen!


The cooking class is organized by our partners.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation up to 10 days before pick up with any penalty.

Deposit of 30% after the week by link payment by credit card plus 13% for the Vat/taxes/bank expenses
(9 days before penalty equal to the total amount)

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